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The DeeKayTee Ranch located in the Comox Valley is operated by Dan and Maggie Thran and eldest son Ryan.  It is a family operation started in 1926 by Horst and Anna Thran.


The farm has one log cabin for farm vacations, an on farm market, open Saturdays, as well as producing grass-fed beef, meat chickens, pork and some eggs and garden produce.  The farm also supplies meat products to Healthyway Vitamin Plus in Campbell River and Seeds Natural Foods in Cumberland.


Our grass-fed beef is produced humanely and sustainably and is processed locally at a government inspected abattoir.  No growth hormones, feed additives or animal by-products are used in the production of our nutritious and tasty beef.  Care, respect and environmental practices are used in all of our management.


Meat chickens are raised in covered “tow-a-longs” on the hay fields.  These movable shelters provide comfort from the elements, protection from predators and regular access to fresh grass.  A vegetable based feed is used as a supplement and the chickens are processed at a government inspected abattoir in Coombs.


Pigs are raised as needed for the market or as sides for orders.  Most times they are purchased as wiener or feeder pigs and are raised where they have access to a fenced outside yard.  They are raised with a vegetable based feed with no feed additives or animal by-products.  Garden residue usually adds a variety to their diet.


Excess eggs and garden products go into the market.  For more information about our products or methods of production, please ask.  We would be pleased to answer any questions. 


On line meat orders accepted for farm pickup outside of regular market hours (mutually agreeable time).


You can reach us by:
     ¨ phoning 250-337-5553
     ¨ visiting us at 6301 Headquarters Rd., Courtenay
     ¨ email:


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